Personalised Childrenswear

Here at The Funky Peach, we stock a wide range of children’s clothing including accessories, hoods, performance wear, sweatshirts, polo shirts and many more; all of which can be uniquely personalised with individual designs. Simply browse through our range of children’s clothing, pick your perfect base and add a superb design through our high-quality printing services! 

Personalised Childrenswear to Create Individuality

Growing up, children are finding their feet and developing who they are as a person which means they need the room to grow whilst being able to express who they are as an individual. The Funky Peach can help ensure that your child can express who they are as an individual. We have many different styles of clothing available in a variety of different colours to ensure that your child has clothing like no other. To make the item of clothing unique, you can add any design that you like to it that may reflect your child’s favourite character or any drawing they like. 

Personalised Children’s Clothing For Clubs

Part of growing up is participating in clubs both inside and outside of school; The Funky Peach can provide the clothing that helps them make this decision. At The Funky Peach, we have a range of children’s performance wear for cricket, football, rugby and for any other sports club that your child may be a part of. 

Our children’s performance wear is affordable, practical and long-lasting to ensure that it lasts through the season of the sport and longer. Not only can you get practical children’s performance clothing through The Funky Peach, but we can also personalise them too! We can add your child’s surname or any other design to all items of performance clothing that we have available to ensure you can spot them in the crowd. 

Personalised Baby Clothes

When you welcome a new baby into the world, nothing says special like personalised baby clothes. Whether you’re getting them for your own baby, or a gift for a friend or family member, The Funky Peach can provide you with personalised baby bodysuits, hats, bibs and much more. 

If you need any help choosing from our range of children’s clothing or would like more information on the best clothing personalisation method, give us a call on 01202 722333 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help.