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Our Best Sellers

AWDis College Hoodie
AWDis College Hoodie image
From : £ 12.87
Gildan Ladies Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt
Gildan Ladies Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt image
From : £ 4.19
AWDis Cool Polo Shirt
AWDis Cool Polo Shirt image
From : £ 7.36
Quadra Teamwear Holdall
Quadra Teamwear Holdall image
From : £ 15.73
AWDis Cool Contrast Wicking T-Shirt
AWDis Cool Contrast Wicking T-Shirt image
From : £ 6.35
Towel City Gym Towel
Towel City Gym Towel image
From : £ 4.35
AWDis College Cuffed Jog Pants
AWDis College Cuffed Jog Pants image
From : £ 11.57
Uneek UC104 Ultimate Cotton Poloshirt
Uneek UC104 Ultimate Cotton Poloshirt image
From : £ 9.11
Uneek UC502 Classic Hooded Sweatshirt
Uneek UC502 Classic Hooded Sweatshirt  image
From : £ 11.18
Uneek UC302 Premium T-shirt
Uneek UC302 Premium T-shirt image
From : £ 4.19

Clothing Printing at The Funky Peach

Clothing printing has become a popular service and for a good reason! Clothing printing lets you customise all items of clothing for professional, promotional or personal needs; a versatile service. To achieve the results you desire from your custom clothing printing, the designs need to be executed with skill, precision and above all, creativity, therefore, you need a professional company that you can rely on to expertly print your designs onto a variety of garments, stationery or promotional products.

The Funky Peach was founded in 2010 with the idea to be different from other companies in the clothing printing industry, hence the funky name. We combine design, creativity, skill, quality and customer service all in one to provide all our customers with the ultimate clothing printing service, setting us apart from the rest of the industry.

Whether you get in touch via The Funky Peach, email, phone or pop into our store, one of our printing experts will make sure that you are completely looked after by explaining the steps of our printing services to you to ensure that you can trust us to deliver the results you are expecting. We just love getting to know every customer to ensure that you can achieve your vision with the perfect designs.


How can The Funky Peach Help You?

Here at The Funky Peach, we have done it all; no matter what type of person or company you are, The Funky Peach has a print method that can help you. We help customers transform an old, comfy jumper into a new and unique jumper that is modern and fashionable that you’re not embarrassed to wear out and about. The Funky Peach is always the first point of call when it comes to personalised work clothing; company manager’s trust that we can design and print a suitable company brand that ensures their workforce looks professional and stay motivated.

We are no strangers in helping event planners and new companies get their brand out there by creating custom merchandise including souvenirs, stationery and clothing that will make them memorable.

Regardless of how complex your design is or how large your order may be, The Funky Peach can provide you with the perfect solution.

The Best Place for Small and Large Orders

Whether you just need to print a design onto one T-shirt, or you would like a large order with multiple garments being printed on, then The Funky Peach is the company for you.

For small orders, our heat transfer and direct to garment printing methods are the ideal ways to get full colour and high-quality images printed cost-effectively.

At The Funky Peach, we have the most technologically advanced clothing printing machines that can produce a fast turnaround on all orders; even orders that have over 10,000 items! To operate these machines, our experienced staff are trained to perform a range of printing methods including screen printing, making The Funky Peach the ideal company for any printing service.

Embroidery at The Funky Peach

If you’re looking to get a personalised design embellished onto an accessory such as a cap or a scarf, then getting your design embroidered is a better alternative to other clothing printing methods. This is due to the high-quality finish that is created and the versatility that embroidery has. Many print methods are limited by the composition of the fabrics that are used to create the garment, however, there are no limits with the fabrics that embroidery can print onto, therefore, you can achieve fantastic designs on your accessories with embroidery.

Clothing embroidery is a preferred method of clothing printing used by many different companies. Embroidery is unique because it creates a three-dimensional effect due to the threads being used having dimension. Embroidery is commonly used for workwear printing as the colours never fade and the threads don’t fray in the wash, making embroidered designs ideal for clothing that is frequently worn. Additionally, embroidery is a fantastic choice for font or simple designs including logos, as the three-dimensional effect makes the designs stand to attention, therefore, you only want the most important designs to be embroidered.

Ordering Through The Funky Peach

The Funky Peach has made getting your custom designs printed easier than ever before! We have launched an e-commerce platform which allows you to customise any of our garments and accessories by choosing your design, your print method and how many garments you wish to be used, all at fantastic prices! You can get all your clothing printing needs from the comfort of your home, anywhere within the UK, with an expert just a phone call away!

Even though we have an e-commerce platform which gives you all your clothing printing needs, we still believe in the value of a face to face service where we can get to know you and your printing needs. If you’re searching for ‘T-shirt printing near me’ and you live in Bournemouth, Poole or surrounding areas in Dorset, then our store is only a short drive away where we can discuss all your printing needs.

Getting your Garments Through The Funky Peach

When you use our clothing printing services, we can print onto almost any garment, including garments that you can supply to us. However, if you want to receive optimal printing results on high-quality garments, then you can choose from our extensive range of clothing that is suitable for all sizes, shapes, styles and budgets, receiving discounts on large quantities.

Choosing your Item of Clothing

Whether you want to use clothing printing to create promotional clothing or personalised work clothing, you’re going to want to choose the garment(s) that will be the base of your designs. The most popular garment of choice is a T-shirt; T-shirts are widely used for screen printing, direct to garment printing, sublimation printing, heat transfer printing and T-shirt embroidery. However, you can choose anything from hoodies, shirts, jumpers, fleeces, performance wear, accessories and more to make up the order of your workwear printing, promotional printing and personalised printing.

Making sure you choose the right garment(s) is important as you need to create the correct image for the brand that you are trying to portray. The Funky Peach is always on hand to deliver you your perfect clothing printing services.


The Funky Peach is your number one clothing printing company for any printing desire that you need. Call us on 01202 722333 and we’ll ensure that your clothing printing campaign is a success.