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Embroidery is the process of creating a design by sewing an image into a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. Embroidery is durable, eye-catching and three dimensional due to the threads being used. Upon completion, the embroidered design is coated in a sheen to help the colours stand to attention.


The Process of Embroidery

Embroidery is a common method of getting a design onto an item of clothing or a fabric accessory. Here at The Funky Peach, we use special machinery and experienced staff members to achieve your embroidery design.

  1. Firstly, you will need to choose or create the design that you wish to be embroidered, The Funky Peach can help you produce this design.
  2. When you’ve got your chosen design in place, we will convert it into the correct format where our clever embroidery machine will read the file and learn how to embroider the design.
  3. The machine will then start to embroider your design and each colour that is present will be added in layers. There is no limitation on the number of colours that are used, and the machine can embroider several garments at once.
  4. Once this is completed, any excess thread is removed before the embroidered design is coated in a sheen to help it stand out.
  5. The process is now complete as there is no drying time required, with your order being ready for collection or delivery soon after.

Embroidery is a popular method of printing as it’s the only method that creates a three-dimensional effect and is the most durable. It’s extremely effective as it doesn’t fade or fray when being washed.


When Embroidery is Best used

Embroidery is most commonly used to embroider logos onto a polo or shirt as it’s long-lasting and stands to attention. If you’re thinking of using embroidery, we recommend it for:

  • Tough outdoor clothing which requires frequent washing
  • Clothing that gets deep stains and needs hot washes
  • When you want your design to stand out such as a company logo
  • Designs that are small as you pay for the size with embroidery
  • On caps and hats as the finish is a higher standard than other printing methods
  • Fleeces, knitwear and other garments with thick and fluffy materials as these are difficult to print onto
  • People on a budget that want the design to last for many years

Embroidered designs are extremely durable, that they will often outlive the garment itself.

When Embroidery shouldn’t be used

Embroidery is the best choice for many scenarios; however, we recommend one of our other printing methods is used if:

  • Your design is less than 6mm tall or has very detailed features that are too intricate to embroider
  • Your design has an ombre effect where it fades into another colour
  • Your design is too large as it becomes inefficient to print as you pay for each stitch, meaning designs that are large will cost much more
  • The garments being used are thin, light fabrics such as polyester used for sports clothing, as the density of the embroidered design doesn’t look professional as it weighs down the material
  • You want to move around often as embroidery can leave a rough texture underneath, which can irritate the skin when moving around a lot



Embroidery is most commonly used for school uniforms, work uniform, baseball caps and polo shirts, although it can be the preferred method of printing for many other occasions. Here at The Funky Peach, we are experts when it comes to embroidery and we can help you create the perfect designs. If you’re not sure if embroidery is for you, then contact The Funky Peach on 01202 722333.