Personalised Clothing

Whether you are looking for hoods, jackets, shirts, trousers or even accessories, The Funky Peach has a large range of clothing available in a variety of different styles that can all be uniquely personalised for you! Whether this is through a logo, text or picture; The Funky Peach can personalise your clothing with unique designs.

How Can Personalised Clothing Help Me? 

The ways that you can personalise clothing are virtually endless, and the uses of personalised clothing are extensive. A common use of personalised clothing is for promotional purposes. If you’re looking for a way to increase awareness and ultimately revenue for your business, then personalised clothing could be for you. You could get clothing which promotes your business by having the company logo, contact details and even an awesome design that is eye-catching. You can also get your staff to wear this clothing as their uniform which helps your business to look smart and professional, whilst raising awareness as people will see your staff wearing your personalised clothing. 

You can also use personalised clothing as memorabilia, club shirts, for individualisation and much more; the sky is your limit and personalised clothing can brighten up your life with something as simple as a little print.

Personalised Clothing For You

Personalised clothing isn’t just to help businesses grow or to be recognised as part of a club, personalised clothing can be used to make great gifts such as holiday destination memorabilia and even a personalised jumper for your family at Christmas! You can simply have fun and create any kind of personalised clothing that you desire!

Personalised Clothing For Hen and Stag

A Hen or a stag party is not complete until someone brings out the matching T-shirts with a blown-up photo and a name attached that is printed for everyone to see. Many times, you will see this as a photo of the time that the hen or stag would like to forget or simply a different name that represents everyone in the party; these personalised T-shirts are created through clothing printing. The Funky Peach can add any photo or design that you desire onto a T-shirt for a memorable night.

To get your unique, personalised clothing with any design, give The Funky Peach a call on 01202 722333.