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Compliment Slips

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If you are looking to upgrade your business networking tool kit then a compliment slip is a great way to add that personal touch. Your client communications can be made special with business compliment slips, they are ideal for accompanying a delivery or for short, informal messages to clients. Compliment slips can give as little or as much information to a client as you like and can help your business to stand out from others. A compliment slip is also great for boosting company morale and can be used to thank suppliers and as well as employees. They are a small thing that can make a big difference in your business dealings and communication.

All of our compliment slips come in DL size on uncoated stock. You can choose between three paperweights, with the 120gsm uncoated stock comes with the additional option of being made out of 100% recycled materials.

Uncoated stock absorbs more ink than silk coated stock and so normal inks can appear washed out. To counteract this, we use LE UV inks which are cured instantly as the sheets come off the press and thus maintain the vibrancy of any colours.

What are Compliment Slips?

Personalised compliment slips are a way to add that caring personal touch to your businesses correspondence with clients, suppliers or internally. They are an office stationary essential, a way to make your company stand out from others and make those receiving it feel like your business is taking care of them. They can be double or single sided to match your requirements.

Why should I use compliment slips for my business?

Business cards are a great way to network and get your information out to others but compliment cards help you maintain business links and build up a good rapport with clients and suppliers. The cards can be used in a variety of ways, such as thanking people, offering further business information or pricing, whatever you use it for it will be remembered. The compliment slips are an extra tool at your disposal to use to add a personal touch to any correspondence.

What should I include on my compliment slips?

Compliment slips can be personalised to include any information you would like. They can be single or double sided, and printed to include as little or as much information about your company as you desire. You can add your company name, address, pricing, services and contact information or keep the design simple to leave room for adding hand written notes to the compliment slips.

What if I don’t have a design for my personalised compliment slips?

The Funky Peach offer a bespoke design service for compliment slips. Get in contact with us to discuss any design services further so we can make your compliment slips perfect for you and your business. We have a friendly customer service team who can’t wait to hear from you.

What is your bestselling compliment slip?

Our best seller is 1000 120gsm uncoated compliment slips.

Product Options and Pricing

This is just a small range of the Compliment Slips that we offer.
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Need it Designed ?

We offer a full bespoke design service for Compliment Slips.

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