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Uneek UC612 Classic Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket
Uneek UC612 Classic Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket image
From : £ 14.52+vat
Uneek UC611 Premium Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket
Uneek UC611 Premium Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket image
From : £ 21.73+vat
Uneek UC613 Ladies Classic Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket
Uneek UC613 Ladies Classic Full Zip Soft Shell Jacket image
From : £ 14.44+vat

Personalised Soft Shell

Soft shell clothing is a great addition to any wardrobe as it’s breathable and helps reduce sweat underneath by breathing it through the outer layers and evaporating. The Funky Peach stocks a range of gilets, jackets and neoprene for both ladies and men that are comfortable, practical, stylish and can be personalised just for you!

Personalised Soft Shell Activewear

It’s inevitable that working hard to keep fit will work up a sweat; this is only natural, but some people get embarrassed by it. Soft Shell helps reduce the visible signs of sweat and gives you a lighter, breathable exercise experience. The Funky Peach can supply you with the soft shell that can accompany you on your workouts that can be individualised for you; The Funky Peach can add a logo or other design onto your soft shell. Our soft shell is also a great running buddy in the winter, as a thicker material whilst getting your heart pumping can result in you overheating and sweating too much.

Soft Shell For Comfortability

Soft shell can be worn all year round as it’s light, water resistant and can provide some warmth. Our ladies’ gilets are great for those sunny, autumn days that are in-between temperatures, so you can stay at the perfect amount of warmth throughout the day. Our soft shell is water resistant but not waterproof so is effective in light rain or muggy days for keeping you dry. Our neoprene is a lot sturdier, better for those winter days where you need more warmth and won’t let you down. All our soft shell has a soft, comfortable layer on the inside to give you comfort as well as practicality.

Personalised Jackets for the Outdoors

Our soft shell jackets are a perfect partner to fisherman, gorge walkers and other wet, cold sporting events. As previously mentioned, physical activity makes you warmer, but being wet counteracts this and makes you colder; our range of soft shell jackets is the great way to keep at an optimum temperature in these conditions. What’s more, is that all of these can be personalised to make you stand out. Our personalised jackets are a good recommendation for school outdoor adventure clubs; this ensures that all the children are kept warm but can be easily identified with the club logo on their backs. 

If you would like any more information on our personalised soft-shell products, then call us on 01202 722333 or email sales@thefunkypeach.com.