Leisure Rugby

Custom Leisure Rugby Clothing

Leisure rugby clothes are the ultimate casual sports top as they are soft with a cotton feel and a retro sporty design. You don’t need to play rugby or even a sport to wear leisure rugby clothing; they are a way to look smart and casual whilst being comfortable on many occasions. The Funky Peach has a range of leisure rugby clothing including drill shirts and rugby shirts; all in a selection of colours to suit you.

What’s great about our leisure rugby clothing is that it can be completely customised to suit any kind of personality! Simply choose any design including a club logo and get it printed onto your choice of leisure rugby clothing using our superb range of printing methods.

Leisure Rugby For Sport

Leisure rugby clothing is great for any sporting occasion, not just rugby. Whether you want to stay warm and look smart horse-riding, want a warm top when you’re on the bench or simply want breathable sports clothing with sleeves, then leisure rugby clothing is a good choice for you. 

Personalise the sleeves with a funky design or add a nickname to the back of your rugby clothing and you’ve got the perfect, all-rounder clothing for many different occasions. Whatever you want your rugby clothing to achieve, The Funky Peach can accommodate your needs. 

Get in touch with The Funky Peach on 01202 722333 for any assistance in personalising your leisure rugby clothing.