Personalised Knitwear

Knitwear is a great addition to any uniform as it keeps your staff looking smart and feeling warm. Here at The Funky Peach, we have a range of knitwear available in many different styles and colours that are the sure way to keep your team looking professional and promote your brand at the same time. You can rest assured that all our knitwear is comfortable, long-lasting and won’t fray in the wash. 

Our range includes crew necks, cardigans, zip and v neck; all of which are a perfect accompaniment to a work uniform. Our knitwear collection is so versatile, that they can even be worn to dress down on a weekend too. 

Custom Work Knitwear

Smart shirts and polos for work tend to be breezy and you can end up spend a lot of money on office heating during the winter to keep staff warm. Getting knitwear for your staff is a great investment. Not only does it keep them warm, but it looks smart too! The Funky Peach has a range of knitwear specifically catered for the professional office environment. Whether it’s a simple cardigan or a v neck that shows off your collar, we’ve got something for you. With a variety of different colours, there will be knitwear that matches any company uniform. To customise your knitwear, we can add a simple logo or design through embroidery and clothing printing

Fashion Knitwear

Knitwear is a great addition to your work uniform, but what about for leisure? Here at The Funky Peach, we have a specific range catered for fashion knitwear! Knitwear is one of the most comfortable items of clothing, its soft and warm that makes you feel all snug as you’re curled up on the sofa. With our selection of fashion knitwear, you can feel warm and look stylish on the weekends as you’re out and about. Don’t forget to personalise your fashion knitwear to give it that finishing touch to match your unique style. 

Visit The Funky Peach for all the stylish knitwear that you need. Simply add a logo or design through our selection of print methods on offer. For advice and guidance on the best customisation method, give us a call on 01202 722333